Supernatural Investigations (UK)

Do you think you have what it takes to become a Paranormal Investigator?  Are you willing to learn the ropes and dedicate your time in pursuit of one of the biggest questions on earth?  Are we being visited by people who have passed over?

Membership is open once again for a short while.  We only want a small membership in order to offer everyone the chance to experience, learn and investigate some amazing locations we have to offer.  With our existing members that means there are only a handful of spaces up for offer so time is limited, get your application in as soon as you can!

We don't just fumble around in the dark! We are a team of steadfast paranormal enthusiasts with professional backgrounds that we utilise to make investigating the Supernatural a little more specialised.  We have all the modern equipment as well as old school techniques at our disposal that we use on location.

So if you are willing to learn techniques, skills and abilities in order for you to competently investigate the unseen world around us, then please fill out the form below.  We look forward to hearing from you!
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50% deposit payable within 7 days to confirm a place on any investigation.  Any Balance (typically £0 to £30) must be paid fully by the date specified on the Investigation Schedule.
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